Saturday Evaluations and Try Hockey Free

Good morning Spring Hockey Parents & Players,
Mother Nature appears to want to start this spring season off with a dance. Unfortunately because of our outdoor rink environment, we don't have a choice but to put our left foot forward and comply.
With predicted weather radar, here is what I am going to do today:
9:00 players will move to 1:00pm
10:00 players will move to 2:00pm
TRY HOCKEY Free (11:00) will move to 12:00pm
12:00 & 1:00pm players are cancelled but we can use the help to dry the rink and with try hockey day.


For those that are new to CHILL, the weather at the rink can be very unpredictable so please be sure you check, FB, the Website, texts & emails for any changes to the scheduling. Many times it can be raining in Holly Springs or Marietta and not at the rink. With that in mind, it also doesn't take much sprinkle to make our rink unplayable. Just a friendly PSA regarding weather and hockey at CHILL.

Any player that has never played hockey before but always wanted to give it a try is invited to join us Saturday February 18th for a fun day at the rink.  We encourage all CHILL players to bring a friend that has never played hockey before to come and try hockey for free.  There is no obligation to join the league.

Registration is Open for Spring 2017 season

Registration is open for Spring 2017 season. If you didn't play this fall, you will need to renew you AAU membership prior to registering. Its going to be a great season at CHILL this spring and we're looking forward to many players and families returning. Please register early so we can better prepare for evaluations and division setup.

Please pass the word to help grow our participation. For every new player registered that references your name as the reason they registered, you'll get $10 in SWAG/Concession credit to be used during the spring 2017 season.

CHILL Tshirts Time

Its Tshirt time at CHILL! This is CHILL's 10th season since we started in spring 2012 and we couldn't be more proud of the support we've received over the last 5 years. We started with 38 players and over the past 10 seasons have had almost 400 players participate at CHILL.

Tshirts are $12
Longsleeve are $15
Hoodies are $25

Please email me how many and what size you would like, orders must be prepaid this season. We can mail your shirts for an additional charge if you would like.