CHILL Board of Directors Meeting and Elections

Annual Board Meeting 1-22-18.jpg

We encourage everyone to come out to our Membership Board Meeting this Monday January 22, 2018 at 6:30 pm. We will elect officials for 2018 and accept a 2018 budget.  If anyone has interest in being a part of the board, we welcome your participation.  We will briefly discuss the winter metro season and up coming spring season.  As well as make any changes to the CHILL By-laws.  

The Meeting will be Monday 1/22/18 at 6:30pm at the CRPA building in front of the rink. We will meet in the community room which is to the right when you walk in the front door of the building.

No practice Thursday 1/1 1

Unfortunately Mother Nature isn’t any more friendly in 2018 than she was in 2017. The damp misty air continues to accumulate and the rink is soaked.

We are NOT going to have practice tonight for any division. Hopefully the weather clears for Saturday. Tom Stringfellow has volunteered to help facilitate the games. He will need help setting up and tearing down the bumpers for the AHL game if people could please get there early. Thank you in advance.

CHILL Winter Season Registration

Registration for our first ever WINTER recreational season is open! The inaugural season will be just $75 per player.  Registration will close 12/9/17. Due to the holiday season, late payments for the season will be accepted until January 31, however any late payments after 12/16/17 will incur a $25 late fee making total registration still only $100 for this inaugural MARHL season.

Some games will not be played at CHILL. It is crucial for people to understand that there will be games scheduled at other venues that may take an hour to drive to the rink. Teams will depend on players to show up for games as substituting rules are different.

Teams will be organized the same way our regular CHILL season teams are selected. This is NOT a travel select league where the best players will all be placed on the same team competing against other all-star teams. Each director is committed to creating equality among teams to benefit all players and organizations.

A schedule will be produced once we know how many teams each organization has in each divisional group. If we don't have enough players to make a team, or teams to make a division, registration fee will be refunded.

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