Evaluations Saturday August 27th

Evaluations this Saturday are for ALL players in every age and skill group. If you haven't registered please do so as soon as possible. If you haven't updated your AAU membership yet, please do so before Saturday.

On Facebook there is a list of named players for each time slot. If yo are not on Facebook, please feel free to contact me directly about your child's time for Saturday evaluations.  If you see your name on a list and can not make the time, please email me separately. And lastly, IF you do not see your name on a list, your player may not be registered yet, or you indicated you could not be there Saturday, or somehow your child's name isn't on my list (sorry about that).

Please check the Facebook time list for your child's name:
8:30am For all new players that need equipment from the equipment shed.
9:00am New beginner players or inexperienced players
10:00am AHL amateur players - players that are still learning the game, can skate, etc
11:00am AHL/IHL Intermediate players - ones that have a season or 2 and picked up the basics of the game
12:30pm IHL/ECHL Experienced Competitive - players that have a few seasons under their belts and are learning the game concepts now rather than just the skills.

Saturday August 20th Evaluations

All Brand new beginners Age 4-9 that need equipment should report at 8:30am, evaluations will begin at 9:00am for those that have equipment.

Players with less than 2 years experience, but skating age 7-11 should report at 10:00am

Players with with more than 2 years of hockey or skating experience age 10-17 should report at 11:00am

If you player does not fit into one of these categories, please email me:  league@chillhockey.org

All Middle School and High School players that tried out for the CHILL Woodstock teams do not report to evaluations this Saturday unless you absolutely want to come, then I'm not going to stop you.  

Fall Season Registration is now open!

CHILL Fall season registration is "officially" open, however there are a few stipulations that go along with registering before August 15th.  Our league insurance, AAU, has a membership time of September 1 through August 31st.  In order to participate in CHILL, you must be a member of AAU.  If you've played with us previously, your membership expires August 31st 2016 and can not be renewed until after August 15th for next year.  If you are a new player to CHILL, you too will need to register for an AAU membership, however, doing so at this time will only be valid until August 31st. Waiting to register until after August 15th will push the membership to 2016-2017 AAU year.

Our Fall season will start evaluations on August 20th and end on August 27th.  All players are encouraged and recommended to attend every possible evaluation session.  This gives coaches and the league director the most information possible when making decisions about teams.

Our season will have preseason scrimmage games starting in September to evaluate the team strengths and make any necessary roster changes before the regular season starts.  Our season will conclude in December with our final games no later than December 17th based on any weather concessions.

If you have any questions about our league, registration or becoming involved with our program, please contact Matt Hackett at 770-851-1558.

Tshirts, Trophies, Jerseys and Videos

This Saturday will conclude the Spring 2016 season (weather permitting) with our SPHL, IHL & ECHL all-star games and awards.  There are several players, coaches and parents that have not picked up their CHILL tshirts from this season.  If you do not claim your tshirt today by 6:00pm via email confirmation that it will be picked up this Saturday, I am going to re-purpose those unclaimed tshirts.  I am placing an order for additional tshirts today for people that wanted shirts they did not pre-order, however with the amount of tshirts that have not been picked up over the last 2 weeks, I may not need to place that order.  Someone will be at the rink tonight from 6:00-8:30pm for any unclaimed tshirts to be picked up.

This is the last opportunity to place an order for this spring 2016 CHILL tshirt, hoodie, long sleeve tshirt, sweatshirt, etc.  

Additionally, there are many many trophies and awards that have not been picked up.  If you were not at awards this past Saturday for NHL or AHL and would like to get your players trophy or you did not get your awards from Fall 2015, someone will be at the rink tonight from 6:00-8:30pm.

Jerseys - We are missing a good number of jerseys that did not get collected after the final games, or from players that may not have turned them in previously.  We need your help in recovering all the CHILL game jerseys!  Please check your bags, closets, the garage, vehicles, anywhere that jerseys may have been misplaced to help find our jerseys.

Lastly, a video of the spring 2016 season review may be pre-ordered today.  Videos are $20 and will be available this Saturday at the end of season awards evening.  The video is a 20 minute culmination of over 400 pictures capturing moments of CHILL players throughout the 2016 spring season.  If you would like a video, please email me and pick up your copy this Saturday, or your copy can be mailed directly to you for an additional $5.

2016 SPHL, IHL and ECHL All-Star Teams

Congratulations to all the players that were named to the All-star game.  The all-star games will be this Saturday 5/21/16 starting with the SPHL division at 4:00pm.  SPHL, IHL & ECHL season awards will follow at approximately 7:00pm.  There will be food starting around 5:00pm for all players and parents catered by Hacienda Vieja on Hwy92 in Woodstock.  Please come support all the players from each of the 3 divisions as they compete in this final game of the Spring 2016 season!

Congratulations to the CHILL Lizards Tournament Teams

The CHILL Lizards was created as a tournament series team for age groups 8u, 10u, 12u,14u and 16u.  Multiple tournament series play throughout the spring and into summer, but one particular series, ECHO Lite, stood out for recreational players.  Players from our recreational program at CHILL created 4 teams that competed at the ECHO Lite National Championship Finals in Snellville, GA on April 23rd & 24th.  Teams from Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee competed for the prize in each age bracket.  

Congratulations to all the players that competed and also the parents that got up early and drove the trek at a chance for a team plaque and individual medals.  With only a few team practices before the tournament, the teams took aim at the prize and pulled off some amazing play throughout the weekend.  Three of the four teams completed their round robin play undefeated and went into the playoffs as the number one seed.  

The 8u team went undefeated in their round-robin games, mercying 4 of 5 teams they played enroute to a 9-1 Championship game over the Tour Lizard Kings from McDonough.  The 10u team also went undefeated in round-robin play with very tight games against some stiff competition.  They started off with an overtime victory and finished off with a Championship win against the Atlanta Bulldogs 5-2.  The 12u continued the undefeated trend during round-robin play and dominated their way through the playoffs, capping it off with a 6-2 victory over the McDonough Gamblers.  The 16u team fared well and overcame early disappointment to earn their spot in the Championship game.  Their first 2 games ended in heart-break with last minute game winners against them.  The first playoff game was a similarly tight matched game with CHILL coming out on top, 3-2.  The Championship game was a nail-biter and came down to an overtime 3-2 victory for the Music City Mayhem.  

Congratulations to all the teams as they fought hard, played well, showed great sportsmanship and all came home winners!


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