CHILL Jerseys for Sale

I have had multiple people over the seasons ask about a higher quality jersey that kids will want to wear to school, to practices, to Gladiator games, etc. Well, I've tried a few options and have finally come up with a jersey company that can provide us a quality sublimated jersey at a reasonable cost. If you would be interested in purchasing one of these jerseys, please email me at LEAGUE@CHILLHOCKEY.ORG. The cost including your players name and number on the back will be approximately $75.  These need to be ordered by Wednesday September 10, 2014.

CHILL Rink Update 9/7/14

RINK UPDATE- Ok, I know there are many people that are wondering and speculating about the rink, CHILL fall season and when there will be hockey again in, here goes the best rink update I can give at this time.....After a long, exhausting wait, we are getting closer to being able to start our fall season. Albeit is not the perfect scenario we'd all hoped it would be for this fall. There have been several complications that have left some of the renovations incomplete at this time.  With that being said, arrangements are being made to facilitate a fall season with the remainder of the renovations coming as quickly they can be completed.

1. WE WILL HAVE A FALL SEASON!  There will be a VERY short evaluation session for all new players.  There will be an evaluation for those players that would like the opportunity to move up from their previous division.  Teams will be selected and practices/games will begin.  Currently we are hopeful that the rink will be available sometime between Sept 13- Sept 21.  I anticipate we will begin evaluating players on September 22nd!  If all goes as anticipated, we will begin our games on Oct. 4th.  

2. The provider of the new boards left us hanging for at least the 3rd time, delaying delivery and installations.  So a decision was made to reinstall the old boards temporarily so that CHILL can begin a fall season.  At whatever point an agreement is reached to have the new boards delivered, CHILL will break to have the old boards removed and new ones installed.  This process should not take very long as most of the "hard" work was already done once.

3. The resurfacing that we thought was going to be done, turned out to be spot patches and repainting the surface.  More work needs to be done to improve the playing surface, however, the correct products were not properly applied in the first place and the company that did the repainting is returning to fix the problems and provide a satisfactory and safe solution so that we can begin playing.

4. Lastly, I have managed a deal with a longtime good friend that owns the Labeda Wheel company in California.  As a previous store owner and Labeda dealer, he is willing to sell me products at dealer pricing that will be passed along to anyone that wants new wheels for the new surface.  Cost for an 8 pack of wheels will be between $25-45 depending on sizes and quality.  Please email me if you are interested in a new set of wheels and what size wheels you need.

A fun day for cub scout pack 2010 at CHILL!

The cubscout pack 2010 opened their 2014-2015 meeting at CHILL. After awards, announcements and information, the boys participated in earning their hockey loop at the CHILL rink. Coaches Matt, Phil, Jeff, and Peter gave history on hockey, the rules of the game, went over equipment needed to play, demonstrated skills like passing & shooting then had all the scouts divide up and play a short scrimmage. It was a lot of fun and we thank Pack 2010 for participating. Special thanks to Adam, Jeff & Drew who also came out to help represent CHILL and work with the scouts.
Thank you to Meredith Loudermilk Mitchell for helping to set this up!

Rink Renovations and Fall Season Update

As most everyone has experienced at some point, construction tasks seem to take longer than expected and generally along the way, there are hitches, glitches and delays.  The rink renovation project is no exception.  The latest word is the renovations won't begin until the end of August and hope to be completed by the first week in September.  Unfortunately, this is not a local construction company delay this time, but the manufacturer of the new boards has delayed shipment and construction.

With that being the case, our fall 2014 season will be delayed.  Although we had anticipated a  start of August 16th, construction is set to begin shortly after that, so after much thought and discussion, we have decided to delay the start of evaluations and the season.  Having been involved in this industry for more than 20 years, I know the new surface will change the way players skate, stop, stick handle and shoot.  So, to evaluate new players, or even transitional players before the new surface is complete will be a disservice to the league and the equality of team selections.  

As soon as I have a firm grasp on when the new season's evaluations will begin, I will be sure to let everyone know.  We will try to schedule some pick-up games for anyone that would be interested in playing.  Please stay tuned for pickup game times and information.

If you have any questions about the fall season, please feel free to contact Matt Hackett, the league hockey director at LEAGUE@CHILLHOCKEY.ORG

Fall Season 2014 is coming up quickly

Cherokee Hockey Inline League's fall 2014 season is right around the corner.  Our fall season will gear up as soon as the renovations are completed by CRPA (Cherokee Recreation and Parks Authority).  We have an anticipated practice start date of August 16th, however we will begin sooner if the rink is completed sooner.  Registration is open online ( so please register sooner than later.  

Our fall season's games will start in September and go through the end of November 2014.  Cost for the season is $169 if you do not volunteer, or $109 with the required volunteer fulfillment.

Please contact our League Director, Matt Hackett, if you have any questions about the upcoming season.