A fun day for cub scout pack 2010 at CHILL!

The cubscout pack 2010 opened their 2014-2015 meeting at CHILL. After awards, announcements and information, the boys participated in earning their hockey loop at the CHILL rink. Coaches Matt, Phil, Jeff, and Peter gave history on hockey, the rules of the game, went over equipment needed to play, demonstrated skills like passing & shooting then had all the scouts divide up and play a short scrimmage. It was a lot of fun and we thank Pack 2010 for participating. Special thanks to Adam, Jeff & Drew who also came out to help represent CHILL and work with the scouts.
Thank you to Meredith Loudermilk Mitchell for helping to set this up!

Rink Renovations and Fall Season Update

As most everyone has experienced at some point, construction tasks seem to take longer than expected and generally along the way, there are hitches, glitches and delays.  The rink renovation project is no exception.  The latest word is the renovations won't begin until the end of August and hope to be completed by the first week in September.  Unfortunately, this is not a local construction company delay this time, but the manufacturer of the new boards has delayed shipment and construction.

With that being the case, our fall 2014 season will be delayed.  Although we had anticipated a  start of August 16th, construction is set to begin shortly after that, so after much thought and discussion, we have decided to delay the start of evaluations and the season.  Having been involved in this industry for more than 20 years, I know the new surface will change the way players skate, stop, stick handle and shoot.  So, to evaluate new players, or even transitional players before the new surface is complete will be a disservice to the league and the equality of team selections.  

As soon as I have a firm grasp on when the new season's evaluations will begin, I will be sure to let everyone know.  We will try to schedule some pick-up games for anyone that would be interested in playing.  Please stay tuned for pickup game times and information.

If you have any questions about the fall season, please feel free to contact Matt Hackett, the league hockey director at LEAGUE@CHILLHOCKEY.ORG

Fall Season 2014 is coming up quickly

Cherokee Hockey Inline League's fall 2014 season is right around the corner.  Our fall season will gear up as soon as the renovations are completed by CRPA (Cherokee Recreation and Parks Authority).  We have an anticipated practice start date of August 16th, however we will begin sooner if the rink is completed sooner.  Registration is open online (http://www.chillhockey.org/fall-2014-season-registration) so please register sooner than later.  

Our fall season's games will start in September and go through the end of November 2014.  Cost for the season is $169 if you do not volunteer, or $109 with the required volunteer fulfillment.

Please contact our League Director, Matt Hackett, if you have any questions about the upcoming season.   

Out with the old and in with the new- Hockey Rink!

In case you haven't heard the news, Cherokee Recreation and Parks Agency is renovating the Greg Stathis Memorial Rink´╗┐ starting this month.  The floor will be redone and the boards are being completely replaced!  That is great news and we can't wait to play our fall season on the new rink.  

With that being said, CRPA has authorized CHILL to sell off the old boards to help generate money for the organization.  We will be selling off sections of the boards on a first come first serve basis.  Each section will be a minimum $50 donation or any amount above that, that you would like to generously donate to Cherokee Hockey In-Line League.  Once the dismantling of the rink takes place, we will need people to pick up their sections at the earliest possible time as we will not be able to store pieces for long unless other arrangements are made.  

For many people, this rink hold sentimental and historical value and we'd like to offer as much or as little as people would like.  PLEASE, EMAIL me at League@chillhockey.org if you would like a section of the old rink when it becomes available.  Obviously there are only so many sections of boards available, and first people to claim one, get their choice of section.  So let me know quick.

If you are in touch with any old HockeyTime players, parents, etc, please pass this information along as we would like to off these pieces of history to them if they'd be interested.  

These will make a great shoot background for a garage, a smooth flat surface to practice shooting, a great headboard for a bedroom, a mancave trophy section, anything you can think of, but sections are limited.