Team and League Pictures this Saturday

Team pictures and League Photos this Saturday!  We will be taking the team's picture this Saturday and also hope to get all the teams from each division before the 2nd game of the day.  Please arrive early for your team's pictures.

IHL League picture at 10:00am ALL 6 teams please be there at 10:00am

ECHL league picture at 1:00pm all 4 teams please be available at 1:00pm

AHL league picture at 3:00pm, all 6 teams please be available at 3:00pm

CHILL has League Photographers that will be on the rink to take team and league pictures, these pictures will be available to everyone so to avoid mass confusion and time delays, please do not come on the rink in attempt to get a picture of the team or league.  We will be on a time deadline to get these done so your help and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  

Important Information about games 4/19/14

Ok folks, today is going to to be one of those annoying weather days.  According to the weather maps, it appears that rain has moved, but that doesn't mean we won't get sprinkles here and there.  We are coming down to the wire with IHL and ECHL playoffs in just 3 weeks and next weekend's weather looking grim right now, we need to make attempts to get games played.  We are going to try anything and everything to get these games played today.  


Please be prepared to play at your assigned time and please bare with me if we decide to cancel at the last minute.  It is tough to try to plan for makeups during the week, and unfortunately the weather reviews for next weekend are looking shaky as well. So, thank you for your understanding, patience and help.  


The more help we have to get things dried, the quicker we can get games played.  There will most likely be delays throughout the day, I will try to update the website as frequently as we have any significant changes. 


If you text me looking for answers, I will most likely be on the rink drying, or setting up, so I may not be able to answer each individual.  Please look at the website or facebook for as much updated info as I can provide.  Again, thank you for your patience.