Cherokee Hockey In-Line League (CHILL) is a non profit organization whose donations and sponsorships go 100% to helping local kids and adults grow through the sport of Hockey.

CHILL plays at the CRPA rink in Woodstock. The rink was originally built by a private entity that included Georgia Tech Hockey Coach Greg Stathis. With Greg’s passing in 2008 at the age of 49 the future of the rink and local Hockey in Cherokee County was uncertain.

In 2011, the Cherokee Parks and Recreation Authority assumed ownership of the rink and CHILL was formed to carry on Greg’s passion for making Hockey accessible to everyone who wanted to play. CHILL will focus on supporting and growing Hockey in Cherokee County with all sponsorships and donations going toward rink improvements and making Hockey fun and affordable to participants.

Hockey Facts:

Georgia is the 3rd fastest growing state for hockey participation over the last 10 years. CHILL was founded in 2011 to allow youth and adults in Cherokee County and the surrounding area to have the opportunity to play hockey at all levels from beginner to advanced.

In-Line Hockey, like Ice Hockey, is fast paced and exiting to play and watch. In-Line Hockey does not allow body checking but focuses on teamwork, strategy and speed.


More than 19 years ago, Greg Stathis and his brother George, started a hockey dynasty here in Woodstock, GA. Greg was raised in New Dorp, NY and enjoyed playing hockey until he was sidelined by kidney problems.  He started his coaching career while still in high school. Born with a urinary tract blockage that was misdiagnosed, the Staten Island, NY native struggled with health issues his entire life. He received his first kidney transplant, from his mother, at the age of 26.  That lasted 20 years and he underwent his second surgery in 2007, receiving a kidney from his brother.  At the age of 48, his health issues ultimately claimed his life March 17, 2008 and hockey in Georgia hasn't been the same since.  Greg was the coach of the Georgia Tech Hockey program for 17 years and always believed in an off ice alternative.   He knew it would promote hockey as a sport in the south.  He and George owned the only free standing hockey pro shop in Atlanta and started HockeyTime USA Inline League in 1998.  Over the last 19 years, there have been many players roll through the "rink that Greg built".  While there will never be a replacement for Greg, his passion, devotion and compassion for the game of hockey lives on in many of those people that knew him.  CHILL was formed fall 2011 in an attempt to bring that back to Woodstock. Our inaugural season was Spring 2012, we had 38 players.  

My name is Matt Hackett and I am the league director at CHILL.  I had the fortune of meeting Greg for the first time in 1999 at a National Roller Hockey tournament in Atlanta when I was coaching a travel program from Florida and again at a regional tournament in Greenville, SC in 2004 while coaching a team from Charlotte, NC.  Greg and I shared an immediate common bond, we both owned hockey shops and both had a passionate drive for coaching the sport of hockey.  After moving to Woodstock in 2005 and becoming involved in the Hockeytime program, I would often have discussions with Greg about coaching philosophies and gained a greater insight into the man himself.  I believe the CHILL organization is taking the necessary approach to reviving that which Greg and George started in 1998.

CHILL and CRPA dedicated the rink in honor of the late Greg Stathis in May 2012.

-Matt Hackett, Hockey Director, Cherokee Hockey In-Line League


League Positions

Rink Scheduling & League Director - Matt Hackett

Coach & Referee Coordinator - Matt Hackett

Registration Coordinator - Open

Secretary -  Dreama Smith

Score Keeper Coordinator - Matt Hackett

Volunteer, Concessions & SWAG Coordinator - Karen Lively

Photography Coordinator - Samantha Hackett

CRPA Liaison - Matt Hackett

Rink Crew Coordinator- Ben Singer

Equipment Shed Coordinator- 

Marketing Coordinator- Dreama Smith & Karen Lively

Sponsorships - Matt Hackett 

Capital Improvements - Matt HackettJeff Murchison

Web site - Jeff Murchison & Matt Hackett

Coordinator postion descriptions available upon request