High School and Middle School Teams

CHILL started a High School and Middle School team program in fall of 2015.  According to the governing bodies, the teams must be associated with a local high school and middle school.  Woodstock High and Woodstock Middle were chosen as the associated schools and team names, however players are selected to the teams from schools in Cherokee and Cobb counties in association with CHILL recreation league.  Most games for these programs are played in Snellville at the SGAA facility and mostly on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.  Due to the lengthy travel, each program conveniently scheduled our games 2 at a time on most scheduled weekends so we wouldn't have to travel every week, but rather every other week for 2 games.  For more information please contact Matt Hackett, CHILL Hockey Director at League@CHILLhockey.org or call 770-851-1558.