Parents & spectators - this is recreational youth hockey and some of the behavior that has been witnessed by our parents, coaches and spectators the past several weeks in unacceptable.  I understand there is a competitive spirit to the games, but there is no reason that players, coaches and/or officials should be subjected to the behaviors that have been witnessed recently.  Please remember - These are kids, coaches are volunteers, officials are human and this is not the NHL.  Just CHILL!

     Most specifically I mentioned at the beginning of the season that we are developing a junior referee program.  These referees are 13-17 yrs old and they too are still learning the game through experience.  They know the rules, but certainly make mistakes.  Harassing them is not ok.  Officially this posting will serve as a league-wide warning that it will not be tolerated and there will not be another warning.  At the discretion of the officials, if anyone makes the choice to outlash at the officials, it will result in a bench-minor for that person's team.  A second offense by the same person will result in a major penalty game ejection and you will be asked to leave the premises.  Failure to comply may result in a league expulsion for you and/or your player(s) for no less than 30 days and/or 4 games.

      If you have a specific concern you would like addressed, please see myself as the league director, or Jeff Murchison as one of our senior referees to discuss it.  You may not agree with all the rules, but we will abide by them and support our decisions based on the AAU USARS official rulebook in conjunction with the rules adopted for CHILL.