8/28/17 Practice and Scrimmages this week:

Because of the limited number of players and coaches we currently have we are going to try to make practices simpler this season.

We are going to try group practices for each division and set up skills stations to help promote skill development. Depending on the number of teams in each division, once we have teams established, we will determine if a second practice during the week is warranted, needed and desired.

CHILL is setup with skill based divisions to keep players competing on similar levels as the other players around them. The ages are guidelines but not rules.

NHL -new players that will learn to skate. Games could be on foot or skates (4-7)                     AHL - players that are able to skate, but learning the game (5-9)                                               IHL - players that can skate, learning intermediate skills (7-12)                                                       SPHL- new or developing players (12-17)                                                                                         ECHL - experienced competitive players that are learning skills, but focusing on strategy (12-17)

This week 8/31/17

Thursday practices:

6:00pm NHL and AHL players (players age 4-9 yr old)

7:00pm IHL players (players age 7-12)

8:00pm SPHL/ECHL players (players 13-17)

Saturday Scrimmages - games will be short 10 minute scrimmages mixing players from team to team to better evaluate prior to team selections. All players should be present for the entire 1:30 division time.

9:00 am IHL division

10:30 am NHL/AHL

12:00 pm SPHL/ECHL