A successful board meeting to start 2014

Thank you to everyone that attended the board meeting and elections yesterday. It was very encouraging to have the participation and support within the organization. Its because of people like you that make our organization great. I would like to thank and congratulate Carrie Haling and Terry Lively for being selected and voted in as our newest board members. I would also like to thank Jeff Murchison and April Trent for their past service on the board. 
We have a few items that need to be addressed for our upcoming season with regards to future meetings and coordinator positions that still remain open if anyone would be able to step in and help.
1. We have a NEED for an equipment shed coordinator. Someone that can help organize, distribute and collect the equipment in the shed as well as coordinate with others to be available at games and practices. MOST IMPORTANTLY during the start of the season's trial practices.
2. We need a home - If anyone has a place that we can use for meetings during odd hours. I will be conducting referee clinics in Jan and Feb. I would also like to conduct a coaching clinic in Feb. Additionally we need a place that we can meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month to hold our board meetings. Previously we have met at Panera Bread or someplace like that, but that gets crowded and loud and space is not always. The rec center is not open during the hours the board can meet, so we need a home.