I am working on the schedule for September for practices and games. Also, I am trying to get the teams organized to begin games this Saturday. I know there has been a few players out to practices that are not currently registered and we really need those players. I am not certain that everyone is receiving emails about practices and scheduling. Please send an email with your players name, if you have paid the registration and also a mobile number to be contacted. If you know someone that you've had out to practices before please ask and make sure they are registered and receiving emails, text messages, and or facebook info. We have had great participation in practices, but now that teams are being formed, there appear to be some holes that need to be filled. As we continue to grow, we need to have more and more participants each season.

       The AHL season will begin this Saturday, however the IHL will not begin playing games until later in September. We are still waiting for commitments from some other players before arranging teams. If you are planning to play middle or high school and would like the extra rink time we need you as a player to participate in our games. Your registration for this season includes playing in these recreational games, but I understand some players are not willing to commit to playing, while others are excited about the gametime. None of the games will interfere with the travel schedule and I am trying to make every possible accommodation to get the most for everyone. Without players this league can not exist and grow. Parents, we need your cooperation to help the league grow. We have reduced the league fees, reduced practice times and reduced game commitments. PLEASE send an email if you plan to participate in either the IHL or EHL divisions this season.

AHL-Amateur Hockey League

IHL- Intermediate Hockey League

EHL- Established Hockey League