CHILL Fall 2014 Tshirts, Hoodies, Etc on sale

I am ordering the league tshirts for this season's finale.  There are some sizes that don't quite look right to me.  Please look over this list and make sure you're getting the size tshirt you want ordered for your player.

If anyone wants a Tshirt ordered for this season, I am only placing an order for what people order.  We can get tshirts, hoodies, long sleeve, whatever you'd like, but I will not be ordering extras as we already have too many at the SWAG table from previous seasons that are not selling.   I am ordering Wednesday 11/5/14 at 3:00pm or they will not be ready by season's end.  

Tshirts $10

Hoodie $27

Long sleeve Tshirt $15

All players will receive a Tshirt as part of participating in the fall league.