CHILL Fundraiser and Charity Event February 1st 7:05pm

We will be participating in the CHILL fundraiser this coming Saturday Feb 1 7:05pm at the Gwinnett Gladiators game.  In one of the coolest traditions I've seen in minor league hockey.  The Gladiators organize a stuffed animal toss onto the rink sometime during the game.  The players then collect all the stuffed animals in trucks, SUVs, etc and donate all the animals to local children's charities.  

Ticket for this game are just $15 through CHILL for the premium level seating.  $4.80 goes back to CHILL at the end of the Gladiators season as a fundraising effort.  It is a lot of fun for everyone involved.  Whether you are currently part of CHILL, have recently joined CHILL or just want to go to a hockey game you can get tickets through me for this game, for just $15.

Please email me ASAP with how many tickets you, your family, your neighbors, cousins, friends, co-workers, or strangers off the street would like to purchase for $15 each and I will get those tickets to you by Friday evening before Saturday's game.  We have a section reserved currently but they will only hold them until Wednesday, because the Teddy Bear Toss night is a huge event.  So let me know soon or the spaces may not all be together in the same section.

Also, please bring a stuff animal to the game with you, everyone that attends is encouraged to do so as all the animals collected go to charity!!


EMAIL: for tickets for more information