CHILL is just 5 away from 100!

With our spring season games closely approaching, we are only 5 players away from reaching 100 total players in our newly forming league!

For those of your that don't know our story......I'll be brief in 2009 the HockeyTime rink effective locked the gates and closed the rink after the passing of Greg Stathis and Dean Evans. In 2011 our non-profit, CHILL, approached Cherokee Recreation and Parks Authority about re-opening the rink as a CRPA facility. Spring 2012 marked the inaugural season for CHILL where we started with only 38 players. The fall season produced a slightly larger group extending us to 51 players. We have shown incredible growth this Spring 2013 and currently have 95 players registered!! Thank you to everyone that has spread the word, helped advertise, pass out flyers, send out Facebook posts, etc.

But our goal is to surpass 100!! And we need those players for the ECHL (Experienced Competitive Hockey League). Players under 18 needed! Woodstock HS, Lassiter HS, & Travel Ice players, we're reaching out to you to get more rink time and puck touches during the spring off-season.

Games will be on Monday and/or Tuesday in the evening and are scheduled to start March 11 and end May 14. Price reduction sale - we will lower the price to $69 (plus AAU membership) for the next 5 players to join!

Please email or call me if you are interested but have any conflicts that we could try to work around to make this league complete.