End of Season Skills Competition and Awards Ceremony

WOW!! What a fantastic Fall 2013 season!!! I hope everyone had a good time, learned a little bit more about the great sport of hockey, are excited to come back and play again in the spring and will help us recruit more players between now and the beginning of Spring 2014.

Next weekend, November 16th starting at 10:00am, we will hold a skills competition for all players. We will have an obstacle course, a team speed skating relay, a fastest skater, accuracy shooting, accurate passer and possibly a hardest shot competition. Players will compete together but in their respective division (AHL or IHL). Unfortunately there is NO way all 80 players can participate in all the competitions or we'd be having dinner instead of lunch and handing out awards just before bedtime. SO........ there will be a limit on the number of players that can participate in each of the events. Please reply by email with which events your player would like to participate. Please choose 3 events and list them 1, 2, 3 in order of preference.

Obstacle Course- Fastest time Fastest Skater - fastest speed Accuracy shooter- most targets hit (4 shots) Accurate Passer- most targets hit (4 pucks) Hardest shot- fastest speed Team skating relay- WILL NOT be teams from the season, teams will be formed from players signed up to participate.

IHL ONLY There will also be a Shootout IF goalies are available. (double elimination)

Immediately following the skills competition, we will hold the awards ceremony for both divisions. Food & drinks will be catered from Ziegler's BBQ around 12:30. Please bring a chair if you'd like to sit.