Evaluations Continue on Saturday Feb 27th

10:00am  players age 9-11 that have played hockey previously(AHL, or IHL divisions at CHILL) or previous ice/roller experience but new to CHILL

11:30am players age 14-17 with multiple years of hockey experience (IHL,SPHL, ECHL)

1:00pm All new beginning players (just getting started with hockey) returning players from NHL division last season or spring 2015 season

2:00pm players age 7-10 that have limited hockey experience or previously played (AHL, or IHL divisions at CHILL) 

3:00pm players age 12-14 with multiple years of hockey experience (IHL,SPHL, ECHL)

If you are uncertain which time to bring your player for evaluations, please email me and ask. All players must be registered and have a valid AAU number. All players must have a signed waiver on file. Any new player that wants to TRY before signing up is welcome to come try it. They must have a valid AAU # (www.aauhockey.org).

We still have a lot of players that haven't registered yet for the spring season. PLEASE do so before the weekend so I can have evaluation sheets prepared.