Evaluations Saturday August 27th

Evaluations this Saturday are for ALL players in every age and skill group. If you haven't registered please do so as soon as possible. If you haven't updated your AAU membership yet, please do so before Saturday.

On Facebook there is a list of named players for each time slot. If yo are not on Facebook, please feel free to contact me directly about your child's time for Saturday evaluations.  If you see your name on a list and can not make the time, please email me separately. And lastly, IF you do not see your name on a list, your player may not be registered yet, or you indicated you could not be there Saturday, or somehow your child's name isn't on my list (sorry about that).

Please check the Facebook time list for your child's name:
8:30am For all new players that need equipment from the equipment shed.
9:00am New beginner players or inexperienced players
10:00am AHL amateur players - players that are still learning the game, can skate, etc
11:00am AHL/IHL Intermediate players - ones that have a season or 2 and picked up the basics of the game
12:30pm IHL/ECHL Experienced Competitive - players that have a few seasons under their belts and are learning the game concepts now rather than just the skills.