Facebook, CHILL info and Gladiators

Spring CHILL hockey enthusiasts,
     I hope everyone is enjoying their spring break.  A couple quick announcements:

1. Facebook has done something to CHILL Hockey-Director account and I can not access it at this time.  Please use the chillhockey.org website for information pertaining to game scheduling this weekend.  Please note the change in times.

2. There are no team practices this week unless your coach specifically contacts you to arrange a practice before lights and shed access is needed.

3.  There is a Gladiator game this Saturday.  It is the last one of the season and last opportunity for CHILL to get fundraising money.  If you are in town, please consider tickets and joining us for a fun night of hockey.  The game starts at 7:05 and tickets are just $15.

4. Travel safe and enjoy your week.