Fall Season Registration is now open!

CHILL Fall season registration is "officially" open, however there are a few stipulations that go along with registering before August 15th.  Our league insurance, AAU, has a membership time of September 1 through August 31st.  In order to participate in CHILL, you must be a member of AAU.  If you've played with us previously, your membership expires August 31st 2016 and can not be renewed until after August 15th for next year.  If you are a new player to CHILL, you too will need to register for an AAU membership, however, doing so at this time will only be valid until August 31st. Waiting to register until after August 15th will push the membership to 2016-2017 AAU year.

Our Fall season will start evaluations on August 20th and end on August 27th.  All players are encouraged and recommended to attend every possible evaluation session.  This gives coaches and the league director the most information possible when making decisions about teams.

Our season will have preseason scrimmage games starting in September to evaluate the team strengths and make any necessary roster changes before the regular season starts.  Our season will conclude in December with our final games no later than December 17th based on any weather concessions.

If you have any questions about our league, registration or becoming involved with our program, please contact Matt Hackett at 770-851-1558.