Game changes, cancellations or delays - check website first!

We have a lot of new players and parents this season so I'd like to give some information about weather delays/cancellations/playing.

In the event that we have any rain, I will err on the side of trying to get games played if possible. If that means the rink needs to be dried off with fans, blowers, squeegees, towels, etc then we need all parents to pitch in and help out.

I will either delay the start of games by up to 1 hour, or reschedule cancelled games to a later time to try to keep some games on schedule, bumping everyone back an hour or 2 leads to confusion at times.

Please be prepared to help make accomodations and most importantly, PLEASE have patience! We want everyone to get the most warning about changes to the schedules as possible, but GA weather is very unpredictable and changes in an instant.

Please check the website ( or my facebook page (Chill Hockey-Director) for any changes, delays, or cancellations before calling, texting, or emailing to see if we are having games. If something hasn't been cancelled, delayed or changed on the website, then we are probably trying to get games played as close to on time as possible.