Game Start Times

Our Saturday AHL games are falling behind considerably because players are not ready to play at their designated times.  We have repeatedly asked parents and players to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled game times to get ready and be on the rink immediately upon game time.  Unfortunately there is an increasing trend among parents and players to arrive at the scheduled time and then still have to get ready.  Parents we need your help!  

    Team warm-ups begin 5 minutes prior to the designated game time.  This is when players need to be on the rink, not the time to arrive to get geared up.  Waiting on players to start any game leads to all later games being delayed as well.  We have been very flexible in waiting for enough players and goalies to be on the rink before we start the game, but out of respect to parents and players of those later games and in an effort to avoid delayed start times, the puck will be dropped when rink officials are ready to start at the designated game time.  Unfortunately, the delays have become so significant that we will be forced to forfeit a team if they can not put at least 3 players on the rink at the start time.  Coaches, please do your part in emphasizing this to your players and parents. You should have your team ready to enter the rink 5 minutes prior to start time of every game.  At the conclusion of one game, coaches should have their players entering the rink as the other teams are shaking hands. Additionally, when the end of warm-up buzzer goes off, your team should be on the benches and pucks should have been collected.  Goalies and goalie parents, please do not leave your team starting without a goalie.  If you need equipment from the shed, please arrive with enough time to get that equipment out and get dressed.