Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Someone shared a story with me recently that I'll share with you as well. And while the story is inspirational for girls hockey, it is not an uncommon theme at CHILL.…/co…/broward/article7027511.html

CHILL has its own version of this story that I would like to briefly share for those that don't already know it.......

In spring of 2012 when CHILL began playing hockey at the Greg Stathis Memorial Rink, I had 2 girls that wanted to play; 38 players and just 2 girls. They competed co-ed with the other boys. In the next fall season, 1 more girl came out to play and again those 3 girls competed among the boy teams. After doing some heavy female recruiting, the spring 2013 season had 8 girls come to evaluations. 3 that had played previously and 6 that had never played before. We got them pink jerseys and called them the PINK PANTHERS. They competed in the Intermediate division against 3 other all boy teams. They won their first game of the season and lost most of the rest. They finished in last place with a 2-8 record. But these girls became the strongest bonded team I’ve seen. They stuck together for the next season, losing and adding a couple new players to become the CHAMELEONS in Fall 2013. Again they competed against the all boy teams and progressively improved as the season went on. Going into the playoffs, the Chameleons were in 3rd place playing the 2nd seed. They won their semi-final game and would face the #1 seeded team who had only lost 1 game all season. The Chameleons beat the Dragons 3-1 to become the Intermediate Division Champions!

Many of the girls that played on that team still play at CHILL and are great role models around the rink for future female competitors. We've had 2 other beginner girl teams that have played at CHILL since and those players look up to the more experienced girls when they see them play. CHILL now has almost 200 players in our organization and have 20+ girls playing this spring season. Having 2 girls, myself, I love to see the sport grow where both boys and girls can play a sport together or separately and still have just as much fun!!