Hockey Practice Games 3/7/15 & Goaltending

Good morning hockey enthusiast!  The season schedule and team rosters have been posted and I hope everyone is excited about the spring season.  

This Saturday I know there are a lot of players out of town.  We plan to have scrimmage games but I need to know who's in town and who's out. Please reply and let me know ASAP so I can schedule games accordingly.

Also, this Saturday anyone that is interested in trying to play goalie we are going to have a goalie coach present and would like you to try playing in one of the games.  Typically, the way CHILL operates goalies is; players in the higher divisions play down a division, for example.....IHL players that would like to try goalie would play goalie for the AHL/NHL divisions but still remain a player in the IHL division.  However, we do have a few goalies that specifically on play goalie in which case, they play goalie in their division.  If you player is interested in playing goalie this season or wants to give it a try Saturday when stats or wins don't count, please email me.  (I can't remember everyone that's told me they want to play goalie).