Important Game Schedules and Information

Happy April Parents, players and hockey enthusiasts! As the first month of our season is over, it provided a bunch of fun, a lot of good action, some very competitive games, and some incredible improvements in ability over each of the 3 divisions. I look forward to more of the same for the next 2 months!

As a reminder about the makeup games for missed games:

ECHL Monday 8:00pm Hammerheads vs Barracudas Tuesday 8:00pm Hammerheads vs Tritons Wednesday 8:00pm Tritons vs Barracudas

AHL Saturday April 6th 9:00am Iguanas vs Phantoms 10:00am Ice Caps vs Barons

IHL Saturday April 13th 10:00am Bengals vs Panthers 11:00am Lynx vs Pumas

Game Day Information: We do not have enough people volunteering to help with the necessary places. 1. Concession Stand 2. Swag Apparel 3. Score Clock 4. Game Statistics I have been told that it is very much a struggle to get people to sign up and volunteer for these items during each of the games. I understand that everyone wants to just sit and watch your child or team play, but we are all volunteers and we need everyone's help to make things run more smoothly. PLEASE volunteer for times that your child is not playing! If you have not received an email for signup genius please let me know and I will get one to you as soon as possible. ALL these slots need to be filled for EVERY GAMES and we can't depend on the same people to constantly take on the responsibility.

On another note: during the game, ONLY designated coaches are permitted on the bench side of the rink. All other parents, siblings, relatives, and friends need to stay on the concession stand side of the rink. Please be sure you provide adequate drink and good luck wishes to your players before the game begins. Unless there is an injury that requires parental attendance, there is no other reason players should be distracted by outside conversations. Coaches, if other people are on your bench, you will be assessed a bench minor penalty, so please be sure other people are not wandering onto your bench area. There are gates to the bench area, I suggest that those stay closed to prevent others from coming on the bench. Players that are getting changed for upcoming games may do so only in the blue benches area and must stay within that confined space. Thank you for your help with this matter.