Important Information for AHL and IHL parents about upcoming games

AHL & IHL Parents, Many of you have been to a practice that you received your players game jersey. Could you please email the player and jersey number. If you have not received your jersey yet, you will on Saturday before the games. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game time. Please note ALL required equipment will be checked Saturday before the games. Any player that is not wearing ALL the required equipment will not be permitted to play in the game. Please check the equipment list on for more details. Mouthpieces are required and are for sale in the concession stand.

Goalies will be given a team jersey for the respective team they are playing for. Please see the coach or team parent for your jersey and please return it to them at the conclusion of the game.

Coaches, please keep track of your team's jerseys. There were several jerseys left behind this past Saturday. Also, you will be given 5 minutes before the scheduled game time to get your player and goalie warmed up. Games will START at the scheduled start time. This is not when the warm-up begins. For example, 9:00 game will start warm-ups at 8:55. The referee will blow the whistle to line up at center rink for the start of the game at 9:00am.