Important League Information

1. Team photos Saturday before your scheduled games.  COME EARLY! We will be on a very tight schedule to get pictures taken and keep games rollin close to schedule.  Your help is essential and we will NOT be able to wait for someone if we are ready and they are late.  

   a. We will take pictures without helmets, but with gloves and sticks.  COACHES please designate where you want YOUR team to place their helmets so they are out of the way and not confused with another teams.  Somewhere near the players bench will be preferable.

   b. A new twist this season, we are going to take a team picture before the games on the rink and after the game off the rink.  Please have your players ready to go on the rink 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and please do not leave or get undressed immediately after the games.

  c. NO PARENTS will be permitted on the rink to take team pictures.  The league photographers will handle set up and taking team photos to expedite the process.  Team photos will be available for you, so you won't miss out.  

2. It is going to be hot and sunny this weekend.  Players please drink lots of fluids before the game and parents please have enough water on the bench for your player.  Parents are STILL not allowed on the bench during games so pre-planning your players drinks is essential.

3. With regard to player drinks on the benches.  PLEASE have water or other clear fluid in a bottle with a straw.  There are too many players bringing capped waters or squirt water bottles on the benches during games.  Coaches and players do have time during the games to take helmets off to drink and squirt bottles end up soaking the player benches.  

4. There have been some changes and updates to the schedules, rosters, goalies, referees and makeup games.  Please check the schedule regularly and most importantly on Fridays to be sure you have the most current and up to date schedule of events.  If you are on the schedule and can not make it, please let me know sooner than later.  But most importantly, please check for your name or players name on the schedule.

5.  We are having a Cheer for CHILL day on May 9th.  Have your players bring a friend from school to cheer him or her on and have some fun.

6. If anyone has any spare barstools with backs that they would like to donate to the rink, we could use 2 at the scoretable.

7. Lastly, team jerseys are CHILL property.  Any jerseys that have been supplied to you must be returned at the end of the season.  We are missing a good many jerseys.  If you would please check around and see if you can help locate any jerseys that you didn't purchase.   

Let's finish off the season strong and have some good fun as we "roll" into May!