Information about weather and practices

It has occurred to me that there are several new players and parents that are unfamiliar with weather cancellations, postponements, etc.  Just a quick heads up - In the event of inclimate weather I will try to make a decision about practicing/playing etc 2 hours before the scheduled time.  I will try to send out a text, an email, a FB post as well as post it on the website.  If you have checked all those modes of communication and practice/game has not been cancelled then we plan to either attempt to dry the rink, or hope the rink is dry enough to proceed.  

It is impossible to make an accurate decision 100% of the time, especially if I base my decisions on any weather broadcast.  I appreciate your patience and understanding that I would like to err on the side of trying to get practices and games played.  Therefore, on occasion last minute decisions are often required and are just as frustrating for me to make as they are for you to receive.  

At this current time (2:00pm 8/31/17) practices are still on schedule:
6:00 pm NHL/AHL
7:00 pm IHL

If they are to be cancelled, please check the website and/or FB for a post cancelling them.