League Update

First let me thank the CHILL organization and you the parents for allowing me the autonomy and flexibility necessary to help start up this new program.  Hockey has been absent for a little while and although roller hockey remains the same, the focus and direction with CHILL differs slightly from its predecessors.  The organization is a non-profit organization and all positions held are volunteer, unpaid positions.  We are committed to long term development of hockey in Cherokee County and we need everyone's help and cooperation to make the appropriate changes to ensure that success.

We are closing in on the start of our first spring season as CHILL.  We are off to a great start and are improving each week.  Of course the season does have its share of obstacles that we are working through.  So, I wanted to take a few moments to clear up some questions and concerns that have surfaced since we began practicing. 

1. We are planning to have hockey practices during the spring break at the usual times.  Saturday mornings at 9:30 & 10:30 and Wednesday at 6:30 & 7:30 for your respective groups.  If weather causes problems for tomorrow morning's practice, I will need help getting the rink cleared to play.  Old towels, squeegees, blowers, shop vacs will also be needed. 

2. We need coaches for teams.  Several people have offered to help coach, but no firm commitments have been made on anyone's behalf to become a coach.  Because this is a CPRA facility, anyone over the age of 18 must submit a form to have a background check completed by Cherokee County.  Forms can be printed online, but they must be turned in to the Cherokee Parks and Rec Authority in the building in front of the rink.  Please tell them you are with CHILL and they will bill us $14 to be completed.

     2A. There have been several high school players that have come out to a few of the practices with interest in coaching a team.  Along with that comes certain responsibilities and actions that must be demonstrated.  Although Jeff and myself are running the drills during these initial practices, it is essential that players feel confident listening to what you have to teach them.  It is critical that basic skills be a progressive step in building more complex skills.  We understand this is a learning process for everyone involved, including the coaches.  If you are uncertain of what to do or how to coach players, please ask for direction.  We need your help and energy! Younger players look up to older players and they need people to lead them.  

   2B. If you are interested in coaching, either head or assistant, I would like to meet with you tomorrow (3-31-12) at 9:00am.  

3.  ALL players must wear ALL required equipment to every practice.  Required equipment is: skates, stick, HECC Approved helmet with facemask, mouthpiece, elbow pads, hockey gloves, knee & shin pads, groin protector. *Optional equipment:  shoulder or chest pads, hip pads or protective girdle, and neck protector. 

4. Teams will be selected following the Saturday April 7th practice.  You will be notified via phone call and/or email which team your child is playing on, who your coach will be and when your next practice will be by Monday April 9th.  Because of the limited number of teams we will have this season, siblings may need to play on different teams to maximize equality and minimize potential player shortage if 1 family doesn't show up.   

5. Cherokee County Road department is doing construction on I575, please be prepared to have delays in the morning and leave earlier than normal to arrive on time. 

6. Please briefly confirm via email that your child is signed up for games, attending practices and you are getting the emails so I can have confidence that every one is in the loop.


See you at the rink!

Matt Hackett