Oct 10th Games

Good morning.  Unforuntately mother nature is not being kind to CHILL hockey this season.  Currently conditions (7:45am) are soaked and light drizzle with forecasted rain splotchy for the remainder of the morning with humidity above 95%.  

With an open date on Oct 24th, I am rescheduling the SPHL and IHL games (9am-12:00pm) to Oct 24th.  

AHL and NHL games (1:00pm - 3:00 pm) are currently on hold to determine what the weather is going to do and IF the rink is able to be dried to make for playable conditions. I will determine if games will be played by 11:30 this morning and if there will be any delays. IF the weather clears and we can get the rink dried, we will need all possible help getting it dried, starting at 11:00am (towels, squeegies, shop vacs, leaf blowers needed).

I apologize that this may seem a bit confusing, but the unpredictable weather is wreaking havoc on the ability to make decisions.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.