Saturday 10-5-13 Game Preparations

This Saturday 10-5-13 Cherokee County is holding their annual touch a truck event in the parking lot of the Rec Center. Parking will be extremely tight and limited so please arrive EARLY for your scheduled games.

Additionally, during the games, PLEASE make sure you watch all children that are running around outside the rink. We do not want anyone to run down into the parking lot with many on-lookers trying to find parking spots. *PLAYERS- * Do not wearing your skates from the rink down to the parking lot, please take them off and carry them to your vehicles.

Lastly, this may be a good recruiting opportunity for CHILL as there should be 100s of kids coming to see the police, fire, rescue, etc trucks. We will have flyers in the concession stand to be handed out to people that come up to watch. If you see someone that looks unfamiliar or might be checking out the rink, please get them a flyer about the program. We will find out if we can have players soliciting in front of the rec center and ask players that have completed their games to hand out flyers.