Saturday morning skate 6-8-13

Good evening hockey fans! I apologize this is such late notice, but I have not been in front of my computer until now to send this email out.

Unfortunately, this summer's attendance for the learn to skate practices and games has not been as good as I had expected. Tomorrow morning's pickup game only has 3 people for the first session and 5 people for the second session planning to come play, and there are no goalies.

So, I am going to have everyone that signed up or is planning to come tomorrow, come at 9:30am and if there are only 8-10 skaters we will have them play a short scrimmage. If it rains overnight and the rink is wet in the morning, there will be no hockey tomorrow. Unfortunately I have a tight schedule tomorrow that will not give me the flexibility of pushing back the play time. Please text me 770-851-1558 around 9:00am if an email has not been sent and you are wondering if hockey is on. No news, means we are playing hockey. Thanks

There will be no beginner session at 8:30 tomorrow.