Saturday November 16 Skills Competition

Almost everyone is coming this weekend and obviously, we can not have everyone participate in each of the skills events.  So I took the selections you gave me based on preference and put everyone into groups accordingly.  If you chose an event as your first preference and the slots were already chosen, I made you next selection your first choice.  

The first skills will start promptly at 10:00am so please get there in time to get your equipment on and be on the rink when called.  All game required equipment MUST be worn during the skills competition.  To avoid any confusion, PLEASE DO NOT GO ON THE RINK UNTIL CALLED.  Stay on the team benches, penalty boxes, and changing area until your name is called.


On Rink Volunteers: Nick Zimmerman, Kevin Malec, Tommy Thompkins, Phil Eberly, Donnie Dennigmann, Joe Scata

Puck Chasers- Vinnie Dennigmann, Taveon Dees, Nick Heeter

Here are the lists for the skills competition:

AHL Web Post.jpg
IHL Web Post.jpg