Spring 2014 Conflicts and Registration

As we are winding down our registration and beginning to evaluate the players to be able to put them on teams, there is still time to register for this spring 2014 if you haven't already done so. Please visit our website to register your player before February 28th which will be the last day of registration. March 1 will be our last day of evaluations before teams are chosen.

While there is no way to grant everyone's request for teams, coaches and practice times, if you have any conflicts for days of the week that you would prefer not practice, PLEASE email me prior to March 1. After the teams are set, I will not be able to go back and change players assigned teams because of conflicting days and schedules. If I have your request before March 1, I will make every effort I can to facilitate your request to avoid conflicting days. Thank you for your help with this. PLEASE do not tell me, or text me any requests. All request shall be in response to this email.

Also, if you are not getting text messages from me periodically about practice changes, cancellations, or event updates, please let me know so you can be added to the list. Most communications are done via texting, emails, facebook posts and updates on the cherokeehockey.org website.