Spring 2016 Season - Help Wanted!!

As our Spring 2016 is approaching quickly, CHILL is in need of the following people:

1. Coaches

2. Referees

3. Concession Stand Workers

4. Grill Worker - must be 18+

5. Score Clock and Stats Workers

If you or if you know of anyone that would be interested in working in any of these capacities this upcoming season, please have contact me via email at league@chillhockey.org

We have paid positions available and need people to fill those positions. As a volunteer based organization, we have to rely on others to help run these positions. We've tried a multitude of different things over the past few seasons with limited success, and we need your help!

CHILL is a great family friendly environment. 2016 should be our best year ever. With that growth, we also need more help than ever before. There will be more games on Saturdays, more practices throughout the week. Please help us find reliable individuals to operate the above positions and make our program a huge success.