Spring Break Practice Schedule Modified

Welcome to Spring Break Week! There have been swirling questions and answers about this week's schedule regarding practices. With many players and/or coaches out of town as well as some coaches not being sure who is going to be in town- Here's what's been decided:

   Monday 6:00  AHL practice (Marlies, Rampage, Bandits)
   Monday 7:00  IHL  practice (Goaldiggers, Maroons, Komets)
   Monday 8:00 ECHL practice (Royals, Lancers)

   Thursday 6:00  AHL practice (Monarchs, Admirals, Checkers)
   Thursday 7:00  IHL  practice (Spiders, Spitfires, Gulls)
   Thursday 8:00 ECHL practice (Lizard Kings, Jackals)

Arrive to practices 45 minutes early so you can be on the rink at practice times, not still getting equipment on or stretched out. When practice time starts, we want to begin practicing.

Additionally, the games from this weekend (3/29) are scheduled to be played on Sunday April 6th. The ECHL will not make up the missed game as it was an extra on the schedule anyhow. PLEASE review the schedules posted on the website or facebook for times.

GOALIES & REFEREES- please review the new updated schedules as there have been some changes because of people being out certain days or weeks.

Please let me and your coaches know if you are not going to be in town next weekend (3/5-3/6) for games. Thank you.