Start of another great season begins tomorrow!

Hello Fall Hockey Enthusiast, Tomorrow begins that start of our Fall 2013 season. I'm excited to watch the new players play and the returning players improve on their past experience. A few reminders about tomorrow's games:

  1. A drinks on the bench shall be a water bottle with a straw ONLY. Any other bottles or drinks may be removed. Players need to try to keep drinks going in their mouths and not dripping on the floor, rink or jerseys.
  2. ALL required equipment must be worn during the game. This includes a mouthpiece and pants that cover the lower equipment.
  3. Arrive before your game at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. We need to make every attempt to have all players ready to play at their designated time.
  4. Please be sure you remember your game jerseys (And just as a reminder to parents, these jerseys are not to be worn at practice)
  5. Parents shall NOT go beyond the "Stop Signs". This area will be for players, coaches and officials ONLY. There will be a small section if needed to tie skates and help with equipment, but please stay within that area. There are 2 sides of the rink to get dressed, a HOME side and a VISITOR side, please dress in your designated area. In the event that there is an emergency that your player needs your assistance, a coach or league official will get you to come to the benches. Thanks for your help with this.

What to expect in the event of bad weather.....listed on our website are the considerations for inclement weather. We WILL make every attempt possible to get players on the rink and play the games in a safe environment. If there are any questions about the games being cancelled, postponed, etc please visit our website rules for more details. I will make an attempt to send out a text message ONLY if there is a change to the schedule, ie cancellation or postponement. I text through GROUP TEXT so please be sure the text pertains to you.