Summer Hockey Session

Hello Hockey Lovers! As we closed the spring 2013 season, I was asked about summer, and fall already which is a great sign. I would like to have a summer skate program for those that would like to participate in some instruction during the summer months and also have a game play session. As I was trying to feverishly organize the end of the spring season, I was also trying to prepare for summer in the hopes we would have several players take advantage of some extra rink time. When I was creating the schedule, I had hopes that I could secure a few other coaches to help organize and run these practices during the week. Unfortunately, family schedules and summer plans have prevented other coaches being able to fully commit to the summer program. I apologize for any conflict this may cause to your schedules, but I must also accommodate my own traveling work schedule, by modifying the summer schedule. Please check weekly for potential changes to practices & game times as they may change periodically.

Starting Monday June 3: New/Beginner practices 6:00-7:00pm Amateur practices 7:00-8:00pm Intermediate pick-up game 8:00-9:30pm

I desperately need someone that can help in 2 areas during these times 1. player check-in 2. equipment check in/out

Pick-up Games Saturday June 8 8:30-9:15am New/Beginner Saturday June 8 9:30-10:30am Amateur

A sign-up genius has been produced for those that would like to take advnatage of signing up in advance. However, if you sign-up on here, you will be obligated to pay for those sessions even if you decide not to attend. Attendance is first come first served up to 20 players per session.

Please bear with me as with we give this new venture a go!!

-Matt Hackett CHILL Hockey Director