Team and League Pictures this Saturday

Team pictures and League Photos this Saturday!  We will be taking the team's picture this Saturday and also hope to get all the teams from each division before the 2nd game of the day.  Please arrive early for your team's pictures.

IHL League picture at 10:00am ALL 6 teams please be there at 10:00am
Goaldiggers - Gulls - Komets - Maroons - Spiders - Spitfires

ECHL league picture at 1:00pm all 4 teams please be available at 1:00pm
Jackals - Lancers - Lizard Kings - Royals

AHL league picture at 3:00pm, all 6 teams please be available at 3:00pm
Admirals - Bandits - Checkers - Marlies - Monarchs - Rampage

All Goalies that play goalie in their respective division should join in the league picture time if they would like. The goalies playing the 10:00, 1:00, and 3:00 games should have their pads they will wear in the game on. Any other goalies can simply be in the picture without pads. 
Coaches please have your extra jerseys for those goalies in the pictures.

CHILL has League Photographers that will be on the rink to take team and league pictures, these pictures will be available to everyone so to avoid mass confusion and time delays, please do not come on the rink in attempt to get a picture of the team or league.  We will be on a time deadline to get these done so your help and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.