Tshirts, Trophies, Jerseys and Videos

This Saturday will conclude the Spring 2016 season (weather permitting) with our SPHL, IHL & ECHL all-star games and awards.  There are several players, coaches and parents that have not picked up their CHILL tshirts from this season.  If you do not claim your tshirt today by 6:00pm via email confirmation that it will be picked up this Saturday, I am going to re-purpose those unclaimed tshirts.  I am placing an order for additional tshirts today for people that wanted shirts they did not pre-order, however with the amount of tshirts that have not been picked up over the last 2 weeks, I may not need to place that order.  Someone will be at the rink tonight from 6:00-8:30pm for any unclaimed tshirts to be picked up.

This is the last opportunity to place an order for this spring 2016 CHILL tshirt, hoodie, long sleeve tshirt, sweatshirt, etc.  

Additionally, there are many many trophies and awards that have not been picked up.  If you were not at awards this past Saturday for NHL or AHL and would like to get your players trophy or you did not get your awards from Fall 2015, someone will be at the rink tonight from 6:00-8:30pm.

Jerseys - We are missing a good number of jerseys that did not get collected after the final games, or from players that may not have turned them in previously.  We need your help in recovering all the CHILL game jerseys!  Please check your bags, closets, the garage, vehicles, anywhere that jerseys may have been misplaced to help find our jerseys.

Lastly, a video of the spring 2016 season review may be pre-ordered today.  Videos are $20 and will be available this Saturday at the end of season awards evening.  The video is a 20 minute culmination of over 400 pictures capturing moments of CHILL players throughout the 2016 spring season.  If you would like a video, please email me and pick up your copy this Saturday, or your copy can be mailed directly to you for an additional $5.