Volunteers Still Needed for Spring 2013 Season.

Volunteers Still Needed: This being a non-profit, volunteer based organization, we depend on volunteers to help in all aspects of the hockey program. From registration, to concessions, to league coordination, to rink preparation. And we are desperately looking for more people to step up and lend a helping hand in the following areas:

  1. Rink cleaning/drying - on days that there has been rain or dew or any type of moisture, the rink will most likely need to be dried early Saturday mornings. I need at least 5-8 people that can help accomplish the drying or cleaning of the rink. If there is no rain coming down and it is possible to practice or play games, I am going to the rink at least 1 hour prior to anything scheduled to dry the rink. In order to get players on the rink as promptly and as often as we have scheduled, it is crucial that we all work together to get the rink in playable condition. And I can not accomplish this by myself without taking 2-3 hours to do so, nor should I have to. We all want to see the kids play rather than just cancel practices or games because the rink is wet. I know it is early and it is an inconvenience, especially when you have players to help get ready as well. But if and when I send a text that I am at the rink drying, I need your help. PLEASE come out! We have 5 squeegies, 2 shop vacs, 1 gas blower and a few towels that you can use to help dry. If you have towels, blowers, shop vacs, etc, please bring them. This is a task that takes more than 15 minutes before a scheduled event to get completely dried, but with a lot of help we can get it done in less than an hour.

  2. Concession stand help- Vic Cappello Feldmanhttps://www.facebook.com/vicf1?group_id=0 is running the concession stand and needs a few people to help run the concession stand during games and possibly practices. While many people will volunteer to help with this, only a few are needed at any one given time, so please help in other areas as well.

  3. Referees- There are 4 games on Saturdays that need 2 referees each and 1 game on Monday & Tuesday nights that need a more experienced ref. If you can skate and are fairly familiar with the game, you can learn to be a ref and we definitely need more to help out. You must be at least 16 years old and able to provide yourself with transportation to the games.

  4. Team parent- Each team will need a team parent to help coordinate post-game snacks, as well as facilitate any changes to the schedule or communication to the other parents of the team players. Please let your coach know if you are able to do this for your team.

ONE FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE: A great deal of time, effort and energy was spent sorting through and organizing all of the loaner equipment that is in the equipment shed. IF you borrow any piece of equipment please sanitize it and return it to its proper place when you are done using it. There are bins labeled for each specific piece of equipment (elbow pads, shin pads, girdles, etc) helmets and skates go on the shelf, and goalie equipment has its place as well. There have been multiple people that borrowed equipment and upon returning it throw it in a big pile in the middle of the floor or just toss it in any of the bins. To help the next person that needs to use that equipment, it needs to be returned to the same place you borrowed it from. I AM NOT YOUR MOMMA and will not continue to clean up after you. Thank you for your help.

Thank you to all the coaches and people that have helped with the many needs we've had so far.

Matt Hackett Hockey Director