Woodstock Christmas Parade December 7th Info

There was a good number of people that would like to help participate in the Woodstock Parade on December 7th. So I submitted the application for us to participate.

Participants so far: Megan & Katelyn, Heather G, Blaise & Chris, Maddie & Vinnie, Kyle K, Adam C, Adam L, Olivia & Zachary, Taveon, Khristian, David C, Will, Joshua H, Justyn C, Cody, Parker E, Lanton, Abigail & Matthew, Josh M, Josh S, Trent Family, Jaidyn & Kamdyn, Zach K, Kai & Kevin, Nick Z, Rowan, Aiden L, Ellis, Mikey H, Sean G, Jeff & Andrea, Jackson, Phie & Janie, Brock & Tommy,

If you are not on the list and plan to participate whether walking, skating, or riding in the trailer, PLEASE let me know ASAP. I need to know which parents are also planning to help and either walk, skate or ride. I will need at least 1 parent to ride in the trailer.

Here are a few more details:

We will meet in the Furniture for Less (old Walmart) parking lot on Hwy 92 and main street. Please arrive no later than3:30pm. *The parade will begin at 5:30, but we have to be in the line-up and checked in as a group at 4:00pm. *Theparade ends at the elementary school so arrangements will need to be made for parents and players to be picked up at the end of the route. We can only bring so many people back to the original parking lot in the trailer afterwards for those that leave cars.

We will have pickup games at 10:00 and 11:00 for AHL and IHL groups that morning. Then anyone that would like to participate in the parade, we will organize to put final touches on a trailer for a float. I will have red, white and green jerseys for players to wear during the parade.

The length of the parade route is fairly long for players that may not be able to skate that duration, please plan to ride in the trailer (float). Players that would like to skate, please try to remove the face cage from your helmet so people can see your faces. It should be 2 simple screws in the front of the helmet, DO NOT lose the screws!!!

If you only plan to skate with the group, please wear your helmet, gloves, shin pads and a stick. If you plan to ride in the trailer and help throw candy, please do not bring anything except your helmet without a facemask. Several gloves were lost last parade from players trying to throw candy with their gloves on.

I will need some parents who can either walk the length of the parade or skate the length of the parade to help hand out flyers along the route.

See you at the rink! Matt Hackett 770-851-1558 Hockey Director Cherokee Hockey In-Line League www.cherokeehockey.org http://www.facebook.com/chill.hockeydirector

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.